How To Manage Your Property Investment

If you are a new Swansea landlord with a HMO property, or you are looking to invest in the student property market, its crucial to understand how to manage your property the right way. It's not just about knowing how to fix things when they break. As a landlord, you'll be forced to wear many hats which can be confusing and time consuming keeping up to date with changes in legislation about deposit, tax, and eviction process to mentioned few. 

If you are looking for landlord advice on HMO applications, rental agreements, health and safety regulations, property maintenance and in extreme cases tenant eviction. We offer a 1-2-1 service where we can guide you on these matters. Please feel free to get in touch for more information  on how to take advantage of a free introductory 30-minute face-to-face consultation in our Swansea office.